Why do our products taste the best?

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Why do our products taste the best?

Proprietary milling and blending:

Because we take milling and blending to the extreme. It all starts with American grown almonds that are milled to a fine powder. We follow the same process with our other ingredients and then blend them until we have the consistency of baby powder. This means, our products aren’t gritty and don’t have that cardboard flavor. We aren’t like other companies that just mix a couple of ingredients together and put them in a bag. We want our stuff to taste just like the real thing and we go to extreme measures. We cut no corners and you can be assured you are getting the finest products without the cheap unhealthy additives. As such, we refuse to add starches to our products like tapioca, cassava, oat and corn which are all highly glycemic. If you see those listed the product is not Keto.

No more mixing supplements

We add the perfect dose of MCT and Collagen to every serving so you don’t have to buy and mix those messy powders. We make it easy. No more mixing, just eating.

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