Ketones & the Brain


Amazing study on Ketones and Alzheimer’s.


Do you ever wonder why after taking DBHB you get that euphoric feeling and steady energy?


Did you know, the human brain accounts for 2% of our total body weight yet consumes up to 25% of our energy requirements. When the brain starts to get malnourished there are significant losses to brain function, including memory. This is one of the areas many scientists are looking at, as both a cure and preventive measure for Alzheimer’s.


Here is an excerpt from a recent study, ”Unfortunately, there is a vicious cycle that occurs in the development of AD (Alzheimer's) whereby the brain cannot adequately use glucose as fuel, leading to less energy production in the brain which can result in neuronal death and deteriorating neurotransmission, manifesting in cognitive decline and further reduction in brain glucose uptake. It is hypothesized that the lack of energy flow to the brain could be contributing to the deteriorating neuronal function and development of AD, rather than this being a consequence of the disease”.


What is known is that the brain prefers Ketones to Glucose, and this is great news when it comes to Alzheimer’s research.


A study was conducted on a man who suffered the onset of Alzheimer’s. The man suffered from severe memory loss. After being given Ketones in the form of hydroxybutyrate, essentially DBHB “within DAYS the patient regained the ability to complete activities without assistance, write out the alphabet, and dress himself, among other tasks. He even reported for himself improved mood and more energy...". "What’s more is that over the course of this 2-year treatment investigation, no adverse side-effects were reported”.


It makes me wonder, what do these starvation diets do to the brain? 


It’s clear, if living a healthy lifestyle is important to you, living a low carb lifestyle is the way to go. On top of that, using DBHB feeds the brain with pure ketone energy and the study I am linking shows that brain function increases as a result of its use. If you not taking DBHB here is just another reason to do so.


Here is the link to for more information. 

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